1. Your trip

What type of policy would you like?

One trip, or an annual policy that covers multiple trips

Who's travelling?

How old are the travellers?

Do any of the travellers have a pre-existing medical condition?

Not sure what a pre-existing medical condition is? Click here for a short video explanation

If any travellers are seeking medical advice for a symptom or condition but are yet to receive a diagnosis we are not able to provide any cover. Failure to declare a pre-existing medical condition is likely to result in your claim being denied. You must declare pre-existing medical conditions such as, but not limited to: Any condition for which you have received prescribed medication or checkups within the last 12 months, or any conditions related to respiratory conditions, heart conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, neurological conditions, mental health conditions or diabetes within the last 5 years.

What countries are you travelling to?

If you are purchasing a Single Trip policy, please ensure you tell us all the countries you are travelling to.

When would you like your cover to start?

Here, tell us when you’re heading off on your trip. It’s good to know that cancellation cover will start from the date you buy your policy for single trips. Your annual multi-trip policy will provide cancellation cover from the start date of the policy– and not before this date.

When will you arrive home?

The date that you complete your travel (return to your home)


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