Optional Cover Guide

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Optional Cover

At Puffin we offer a range of "bolt-on" benefits/cover to meet your specific needs. By offering this as optional cover, not only do we keep the price of our standard policies low, we are also able to design the bolt-on benefits without compromise.


Winter Sports (for ski and snowboard holidays)

The purpose of this option is to provide cover specifically for a Winter sports trip that involves activities or sports that are on snow or ice. It’s important to check the sports and other activities section of the policy wording to ensure that any activities that you plan to participate in as part of your Winter sports trip are covered. We also add several winter sports specific benefits including equipment (owned or rented) cover, such as ski equipment hire if your own is delayed, compensation as below:

  • Up to £500 to repairing or replace equipment that has been damaged, lost, stolen
  • Up to £250 to hire replacement equipment in the event that yours is delayed (max £25 per 24 hours)

Where you have purchased an annual multitrip policy you are only covered for 17 days of Winter Sports activity during the insurance period. Your limit will be displayed in your policy schedule.


Gadget Cover

This Option covers the costs to repair or replace your gadgets (mobile phone, tablet etc.) if they are accidentally lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. £1000 of Gadget Cover is included as standard on all cover levels, though this can be extended by an additional £1000 as an optional extra (increasing Gadget Cover to £2000).


Cruise Cover

This Optional Cover is required if you plan to go on a Cruise holiday. As well as ensuring that all other aspects of your policy remain valid, it adds the following cover:

  • Up to £750 (Platinum cover level) for unused excursions
  • Up to £750 (Platinum cover level) if ports are skipped due to adverse weather conditions or cruise timetable restrictions (£150 per port at Platinum Cover level) 
  • Up to £1500 if you are confined to your cabin or a state hospital due to illness during your cruise (£100 per day)